Best Tool to Convert OST to PST

OST file is nothing but Offline Storage Table, which is used in Microsoft Outlook. This OST file is similar to PST file but the main difference is, it will not reside in local hard disk instead it will be in exchange server. It will store all the Outlook data. Besides of this, it will allow the user to send or receive emails and scheduling tasks offline. Since OST file resides on exchange server, there are chances of this OST file to get corrupted. Once it gets corrupt you will not be able to access any of your email messages and other attributes of Outlook. If you get caught in this kind of situation then don’t panic. Just convert OST to PST and start working with your Outlook. Yes of course you can easily convert OST to PST, for that you should use best converter software which can easily perform the conversion process. Before getting into the features of converter software, let us begin with the scenarios due to which OST file gets corrupt.

  • Sharing of OST file on unsecured network:  OST files are shared on the network. In case you share the OST file on some faulty network then chances of OST file corruption will be more
  • Oversized OST file: OST file will have a fixed size limit, when you store data beyond its limit then OST file will get corrupt, and you will lose the access to all Outlook attributes
  • Compatibility issues: At times you may upgrade the older version of Outlook to its newer version, after upgrading sometimes the new version will not support OST file, which leads to corruption of OST file

In addition to these, there are lots of other reasons as a result of which OST file gets corrupt. But in any case you need not to worry, because by converting OST file to PST file you can easily eliminate the issue of inaccessibility of Outlook attributes. Features of OST to PST converter tool are mentioned below:

  • It’s a powerful converter software that will help you to change OST file to PST file, after conversion you can easily access all the items of Outlook.
  • In a very short span of time it will complete the conversion process.
  • Using this tool it is possible to convert password protected OST files.
  • This amazing converter software is compatible with all new versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc.
  • It’s a graphical user interface program, so even an unskilled person can use this software.
  • It’s a reliable and safest tool that is absolutely free from all sorts of harmful viruses and malicious programs.
  • With the help of this software it is possible to convert OST files of various versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. To know how to convert Outlook 2010 OST to PST click here:

To evaluate this software, you can download its demo version that is available on internet. If you feel it is working then go for its licensed version.