Best Way of Recovering Data from Western Digital HDD

Hello everyone, yesterday I have formatted Western digital HDD partition accidentally and forget to take the back up of some important data from that partition. Is it possible to recover data after formatting Western Digital hard drive partition? It is extremely important for me to do western digital recovery and I cannot afford to lose important data. Any kind of assistance will be appreciated.

Western Digital is a famous hard disk drive manufacturer for the computer system. It is one of the largest HDD producers and provides high performance hard drive. It is often shortened as WD hard drive, Western Digital is a non- volatile storage media used to store digital data like text documents, videos, photos, mp3 files and more.

Have you lost files and folders from Western Digital HDD? In that situation you may freak out! How data is deleted from hard disk drive? You might try to retrieve data by yourself, but failed to succeed. In this blog we discuss mainly about best recovery tool and give you information how to restore files from WD HDD by using Western Digital Recovery Software. It is most reliable third party tool for retrieving data from WD hard drive.

How to restore files from Western Digital HDD?

This Software is most reliable data retrieval tool which is capable to recover deleted or lost data in various scenarios like accidental deletion, erased files by third party program or may be some other reasons. User can make use of western digital recovery utility to perform data rescue operation from different types of hard drive interface such as IDE, SATA and SCSI. Most of the users are using WD HDD, it is quite necessary to have knowledge of data recovery on the event of data loss situation.

Some circumstances which cause deletion or loss of files from Western Digital HDD

Viruses and malware attack: Virus and malware is the common problem which occurs with every user. If the system gets infected by severe viruses and malware then the files stored in Western Digital HDD may get deleted.

Power failure: Western Digital hard drive may get corrupted due to sudden power failure and also become inaccessible.

Interruption in file transfer: At the time of transferring a file from one storage device to another, if there is any sort of interruption occurs during this process then, the data may get deleted or lost from the system.

Bad sectors: WD hard drive might get corrupted due to the bad sectors. The data saved in the WD HDD will not be visible for the user and this result to loss of files.

Heating of Western Digital HDD: Due to overheating of WD hard drive the problem might occur like PCB (burnt circuit board) and thereby makes the data inaccessible for user.

Important features of Western Digital Recovery Software

  • This application helps user for retrieving data from Western Digital HDD safely and securely without affecting or modifying the original files.
  • It supports for restoring data from various file system such as HFS, FAT, NTFS, HFS+, ExtFAT, etc.
  • You can efficiently regain all types of files which include videos, text files, pictures, and so on.
  • It is compatible in recovering data on both Mac and Windows operating system.
  • This program also facilitates user to save scan process by utilizing Save Scan Information option.