Download Software to Recover Data From Lost/Deleted Micro SD Card

Micro SD card is a reliable and durable media storage device which has become extensively popular all over the world. The various file formats along with the audios, videos, pictures can be stored based on the storage capacity.


“…..I captured pictures of my daughter’s birthday celebration: Entire pictures from the gallery have been deleted because of micro SD card corruption. How can I achieve SD memory card recovery? The pictures are most memorable and precious!!!”

                                                                                                     -Johnny Taylor

“….While transferring some important document file from my Micro SD card to system, due to sudden power loss: I lost my file…. I’m worried!!! Can I restore micro SD card to get back my lost file?”

                                                                                                     -Mary Desouza

 In a day to day life you may face a scenario of losing/deleting the data from micro SD card. If picture, files or any documents is missing or deleted: Do not spare a second thought of losing the data permanently.

The finest path to recover any deleted/lost data from micro SD card is  by using Micro SD Card Recovery Software. This software easily retrieves the deleted data in a few simple mouse clicks. SD memory card recovery can be performed with an ease without losing any source content.

Recovering micro SD card data is now simple by using adorable tool. Let us have a complete look over various data loss situation.

Different cases for data loss or data deletion from micro SD card:

                          Case 1: Human mistakes

  • Erasing the data from micro SD card unintentionally.
  • Clearing the Recycle Bin folder.
  • Deleting any data by use of shift+delete command.

                          Case 2:  System issues

  • Unsuccessful cut and paste method.
  • Any interruption while transferring the files from SD card to system or vice versa.
  • Abrupt shutdown or power loss of the system while downloading any pictures or files from the browser.

                          Case 3: Micro SD Card issues:

  • Improper handling or abrupt ejection of the micro SD card will corrupt the file system and are inaccessible to read.
  • Exposing micro SD card to abnormal temperature or humidity will damage the SD card.
  • Formatting the SD card will delete the data permanently without moving them to Trash or Recycle Bin.
  • Corrupted/Damaged SD card will be inaccessible to read or write.

                          Case 4: Virus/Malware/Trojan

  • When micro SD card is affected with any Virus/Malware, they may damage the SD card and files will be lost.
  • SD card connected to the infected system, this might also leads to the deletion of files.

                          Case 5: External factors

  • Operating system crash, program crash, and some bad factors might also results in either deletion or losing files.

Any of the above cases will result in the huge amount of data loss from micro SD card. How to get rid out of these above cases? Because the loss of SD data will disturb the daily activities and sometimes may result in the great impact!!!! Just follow up with few simple conscious common things

  • Handle micro SD card with safe. Do not expose to high temperature.
  • Avoid sudden ejection of Micro SD card from Smartphone, Camera or from Card reader.
  • Connect the SD card to the virus free system, Scan the SD card to kill the deadly virus.

SD memory card recovery Software is specially fabricated which absolutely works on various version of Windows as well as on Mac operating system.