How to retrieve deleted songs from memory card

The greatest creation of god is human beings and the greatest creation of man is music. Music touches the souls and helps to affectionately manifest on the unspoken desires and humanity in human beings. Music therapy heals many diseases and also draws people together to diminish their war in between and come together as one.
Memory cards are a way to store digital information also provides extra capacity to store data when attached to mobiles, ipods, mp3players etc. The memory card has allowed us to listen to music, access data and even watch videos on the go.
Memory cards are subject to data loss due to various conditions and for more detailed queries on how to retrieve deleted songs from memory card. The recovery software Recover Windows (Media) Edition allows the user to recover media files like audio(mp3,mp4 etc),video(MPEG-4 etc),images (JPG,JPEG,etc) even from formatted memory cards at a few clicks which available throughout the internet for free.

How data gets corrupted?

Unintentional formatting of the drive deletes all the files stored on the device thus resulting in data loss. Abrupt disconnection of the device before the transfer is complete can cause corrupted files which may not be accessed. Virus and malwares also impose threat on the memory cards as virus can be inflicted by various devices while transferring data from one device to another. Downloading from malicious websites can also download virus and system can undergo unintentional behavior.
Updating the file format frequently also can cause the files to get damaged. Mishandling may also lead to corrupted files.

What happens when we delete ?

When a user deletes files using “DEL” or “SHFT+ DEL” the user thinks that the file is completely removed and does not reside in the memory device. But actually the memory allocation attached to the data is removed which visualizes the user as the file is not present in the system. The memory allocation of the deleted file is removed but is stored at the same location and resides in that same location until any new data is stored to that same location i.e until it remains in the same location unless overwritten.
Memory allocation contains the index specifying the header and the footer just as any residential address.

Editions :

Recover Windows(Basic): Files lost due to power failure or unintentionally deleted using “DEL” or SHFT +DEL can be recovered using this edition.
Recover Windows(Media):This is developed specifically for media files like audio ,video and can also recover music files from the formatted memory card.
Recover Windows (Pro) :This edition is a complete recovery tool which can recover corrupted data even from formatted hard disks .The recovery of the entire hard drive with its hierarchy .
Recover Windows Free edition : The recovery is possible for files and even recover from hard disks and recycle bin but up to 1 GB.

Why Recover Windows( Media) ?

1.The Recover Pro recovers data from more than 300 types of data from all popular types of hard drive including SATA, SCSI and IDE etc. It recovers data from external as well as internal hard drives, USB, memory cards, Flash Drives and almost all popular manufacturers including Transcend, Toshiba etc.
2. Data recovery from file systems such as FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 etc and even from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions.
3. The “Preview” tool allows the user to view the files even prior to the completion of the recovery process and “Find” tool allows the user to find for the desired file by specifying the format.
4. This software application allows data recovery from bad sectors of the drive by creating a disk image of the hard drive bypassing the bad sectors and later the recovery process can be completed using the image file.
5. The “Save recovery Session ” allows the user to save and pause the recovery session at that instant and “Open Recovery Session” allows the user to open the saved recovery session and continue from thereon rather than repeated scanning of the entire device.