Imagine you have completed your documentation of the word file for the presentation next day, after working on it for a long period of time. You saved it, shut your system down and went to sleep. The next morning when you wake up, the first thing you check for is the Word file .But unfortunately the file does not open and displaying corrupt error message. Can anybody tell me how to retrieve deleted word document ?
Don’t worry, there are many software applications on the internet which is free to download. But the software which helped me retrieve the lost word documents in a few clicks is the Recover windows basic .This software allows the user to retrieve the lost files using advanced search algorithms which is compatible to multiple Operating systems like Windows and Mac including the latest versions. This software represents how to retrieve deleted word document hassle-free and in a secured manner.
Scenarios to lost word document:
Installation/upgrading through third party utilities can cause the files to be lost. Unintentional formatting of the drive may delete the files stored on it rendering it inaccessible. Virus and malware adds to the woes.
Improper installation of the Microsoft Office can also corrupt the files stored on the device. Bad sectors also are a point of concern for the files, as the location of the file may in the Bad sector of the drive and thus cannot be accessed.

About Software

• This tool allows the user to recover and repair colossal types of DOC and DOCX formats very easily. It allows repairing and recovering of text, OLE object which may include hyperlinks can be repaired and recovered from the damaged word document.
• This software application allows retrieving files which have been deleted using “DEL” or “SHFT + DEL”.
• It recovers data from various flash drives, USB, partition, external hard disk as well as internal hard drive. It also recovers files which bypass the recycle bin due to its oversize and even files which are permanently deleted from the recycle bin.
• It scans sector-by sector thoroughly to recover the lost files. The software employs unique search algorithm to recover corrupted data securely.
• The “Find” tool allows the user to search for the required document easily by mentioning the data type. The “Preview” tool allows the user to view the recovered file even before the recovery process is complete.
Why Recover Windows Basic
“Save Recovery Session” allows the user to save the recovery session at that point of time, so that they can continue from thereon.
“Open Recovery Session” allows the user to open the recovery session and continue from where the user left off.
First try then buy: It allows the user to download the free version and then subscribe to the pro version to avail more advanced features.