Most Important Things That Happened in Virtual Reality in 2015

The year 2015 was set as a big year in the industry of headsets although the virtual reality is far from the mainstream. The headset features simple, portable and powerful. The companies announced the new ways in order to control the VR imagery. The companies invested lots of money to develop new technology and also content creators sort out the way how to make everything from the films to the advertisements in VR and it is experienced by millions of Americans for the very first time.

It is very hard to sift out what is most important after all that happened. We cut the virtual noise in order to bring you the most significant events in VR this year.

HTC and Valve show off the Vive VR headset

In the month of March, the smartphone maker HTC and the video game company Valve Software has pulled back curtains of their collaborative VR effort, the Vive headset. The Vive has a tracking system which uses the lasers to keep your eye on the location within the space as large as 15/15 feet, which make it possible to roam around when using the headset. The Vive will release for commercial in April.

Oculus unveils its first consumer headset, Rift, and Oculus Touch hand controllers

In the month of June, Facebook has owned the Oculus trotted out the first consumer headset, button-bedecked controllers, Rift and pair of half-moon that it plans to release after next year. The matte black headset has OLED displays. A wide field of the view and the speaker over each ear will need to physically connected to the powerful computer along with the separate sensor which tracks the user’s motions.

Microsoft shows off speedy progress with HoloLens, its holographic headset

In the month of January, Microsoft invited number of reporters in order to try out the HoloLens, which it hope could be used to do the things like play games and to work on 3-D models. While the Microsoft presented it as a ski goggles, the reporters only able to test the much clunkier version which was still tethered to the stationary computer.

Cameras envision new ways to film virtual reality

At the Google’s conference in the month of June, the company has announced a latest camera for taking the live action 3-D VR videos. It includes 16 cameras in the circular array that make it possible to capture each and every point from the three perspectives. Software can then converted into the footage into 3-D. Google has released the Jump design and GoPro started the selling a fully assembled versions of the device this year.