Steps to Import Contacts to MS Outlook

Imagine that you are using a Gmail account or some other account since few years and now you have created your own Microsoft Outlook profile. How will you import all the contacts from your Gmail account to your MS Outlook profile? Do not worry; it is very easy and simple process to move contacts from any hotmail account to Outlook account. For this, you need to follow few simple steps to import contacts TO Outlook.

Simple procedure to import contacts to Microsoft Outlook:

One can import contacts to Microsoft Outlook under three different situations and they are:

  1. Importing contacts from Gmail to Outlook
  2. Moving contacts from email message to Outlook
  3. Importing contacts from an Excel file or .csv file

If you are using a POP3 account, then all the contacts can be imported to .pst file. This is a two step process to import contacts to Outlook.

In the first step, you have to export contacts to an Outlook PST file. Follow below mentioned procedure in order to export contacts to Outlook PST file:

Step 1: To begin, first click on “Mail->Contacts” from your Gmail Account

Step 2: Next, Click on “More” button and choose “Export” from the dropdown selections

You can notice that, you can export a group, selected contacts or all of the contacts into one of three formats. Export format should be .csv file ( Name, Address, phone, etc each separated by comma)

Note that, you can open the exported .csv file in Excel sheet and manipulate it as you want such as adding addresses, contacts, emails and other information, which will help round out your Address Book. This is an optional step, you can skip this step.

Step A: When you are ready, you can import your contacts to your Outlook. Click on “File” and then “Import/Export” option

Step B: On the Open screen, click on “Export/Import” and you will get a wizard dialog. Here, you need to select “Import from other program or file” and click “Next”

Step C: Now, select “Comma Separated Values” and click “Next”. Then, you will be asked to browse a file that you want to import. Under options, you can decide whether you want to import duplicate contacts or not. Select “Do not import duplicate items” and click “Next”

Step D: Then, you will get a screen, where you have to select a destination folder, which should be your Outlook contacts

Step E: Go ahead and click on “Finish” option in the last screen and all your contacts will be imported to your Outlook profile.

Continue reading here, if you want to know more information about how to import contacts to Microsoft Outlook profile.